Every summer Dubrovnik Summer School is opening its door to all students who are interested in presenting their business knowledge and skills. DSS is well known for its various lectures and workshops guided by adequate mentors, and also, for its participants (students) who desire to make a progress. What was it like the last year, which moments will never be forgotten, and why someone should be a part of new DSS story, are just some of the questions Ivona Panifer and Tonka Gulić (DSS’ participants from last year) answered us.

  1. How did you hear about Dubrovnik Summer School? What made you apply?

Ivona: I found the announcement about DSS quite spontaneously, on eSTUDENT Facebook page. DSS cover was very attractive to me, so I decided to read an article about it and I was thrilled. I liked everything: location, program, mentors, price… That was a chance I could not miss. At that moment, I knew that I will definitely apply for DSS.

  1. Have you been satisfied with DSS’ content last year? Which lectures and workshops you enjoyed the most?

Tonka: I was very satisfied with DSS’ content. I already knew what I can expect, but what I experienced was much more than I had thought. The first two days we hung out with Miss Tina Odinsky – Zec, and these days were very interesting and easygoing. In my opinion, it was a great choice to put her at the beginning of the program because she connected all the participants. Also, she broke the tension and relaxed everyone for a future work at workshops and lectures. I believe that this year DSS will be even more successful, because of the interesting topics, excellent mentors, and, indeed, a great organization team.

Ivona: I was satisfied with the program too. We had an opportunity to learn something new, but nothing was too formal. After all, it is a  summer school in which we need to have enough time for exploring the city, resting, swimming, hanging out etc. Last year, the workshop by Tina Odinsky – Zec was the best for me because we needed to be creative and think “outside the box”. I found that very refreshing after an ordinary educational system which is common at college.



  1. What are the advantages of participating in DSS? Which skills and knowledge have you gained during the lectures and workshops?

Tonka: Firstly, one of the advantages is making new connections. We were a group of really different people with various nationalities, cultures, and personalities. However, all of us had the same desire to participate in this summer school, to gain personal development and make a progress in the business world. It is great to learn something new about other cultures, to be in the circle of different people, and in the meantime, to learn something new and worth knowing. Furthermore, what DSS gave me is much more than knowledge or skills – I found one part of myself which was unknown to me before that. I faced some fears and became braver and bolder.

Ivona: The international surrounding of DSS can help you to become more open and tolerant to everyone, no matter how different they are. Knowledge and skills which I gained are not so explicit. Of course, you always learn some new facts, but the concept of summer school is practical work on a specific example. Workshops and lectures are interactive so you have to think outside the box and that was one of the most important things which I learned during the DSS. It was hard at first, but later my brain got used to it and approaching the problem from a different perspective became easier.

  1. Is there an unforgettable anecdote from DSS which you would like to share with us?

Ivona: There are a lot of them, but what happens in Dubrovnik stays in Dubrovnik.

  1. Would you like to say something to  students who are not still sure about applying to DSS?

Tonka: You cannot lose anything by participating in summer school, however, there is a lot to lose if you do not. You can expect various lectures and interesting workshops, new connections, new friends (not just for that week), maybe a new love, who knows. Besides, Dubrovnik is indeed a beautiful city. Once again it left me speechless, even though I have been there 4-5 times. You can only imagine how it will be for someone who is coming there for the first time. Be bold, be brave, apply for DSS, and experience an amazing week this summer.

Žana Jukić