Experience a real summer adventure from 23-29 August that will make you grow on a personal and professional level while you enjoy the best of what Dubrovnik, a stunning gem of the Mediterranean, has to offer.


Ideal for students in their last years and recent graduates, this summer seminar guides them to their future success by helping them understand their individual values, passions and potentials, choose their careers, determine and achieve their goals and develop useful skills and knowledge. All lectures and workshops have multidisciplinary topics relevant and applicable to all areas of interest so it doesn’t matter what you study.


Lectures and workshops are held in the late morning and early afternoon, with plenty of free time to explore stunning beaches, islands, attractions and nightlife of the magical Dubrovnik. ;)


This year is a true milestone as Dubrovnik Summer School celebrates the 10th Anniversary so there are many special events planned that will make it a truly unforgettable experience for all of  a this-year-participants! Don’t wait any longer and apply while you still can!


Make sure to visit the website and Facebook page for updated news and information, and to familiarize yourself a bit more with Dubrovnik Summer School.

Dubrovnik Summer School