Hello everyone!


This summer you want to improve yourself and do something to extend your knowledge?
You are interested into meeting new people and spending your time in a breathtaking place with rich and inspiring heritage?
Then Dubrovnik Summer School is the right solution for you!


With us you will have an opportunity to find out what intellectual capital really is and how to use it, you will learn not to be afraid of asking questions and how to be a great leader. Furthermore, you will gain insight on future jobs, but also we will prepare you for this dynamic surroundings by teaching you problem-solving technique used by Apple, Google and many more! Together we will learn how to understand our passions and interests and hack 3 key qualities for success.

You can do all this and more with motivating lectures and interactive workshops prepared by lecturers who are willing to share their knowledge.

We also prepared free activities for you to relax, have fun and enjoy this summer in beautiful and sunny Dubrovnik.

So feel free to apply on our web page under application and fee or on this link.  Applications for Dubrovnik Summer School 2015 are open until 7 July 2015.

And don`t forget to follow us on Facebook for more updates.

See you in Dubrovnik! :)