What’s new in this years DSS?

Dubrovnik Summer School is an international summer seminar that discusses and focuses on intellectual capital. This year will be the twelfth year that this School brings new talent to Dubrovnik.
The event is organized by eSTUDENT, a student organization dedicated to giving business opportunities and experience to other students. Every year organizational team brings something different and unique to the event, and 2017 is no exception.

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This year there are two significant improvements to the DSS recipe.

Many students today don’t prefer tiresome theory and long lectures. Thus more practical and businesslike workshops are recommended and requested. Therefore, this year participants will have the opportunity to test their knowledge and gain skills via case studies. Through this specially thought out case studies from our lecturers and partner firms, DSS promotes teamwork, communication skills and thinking ”outside of the box”.


With all of the activities, it’s difficult to achieve consistency and awareness of the progress made each day. For that, Dubrovnik Summer School ensured mentors for the whole week who will help participants with questions, inspiration or just casual chit-chat. 2017 organizational team searched for this year’s mentors, and they are satisfied with their choice.

Intrigued to see who Dubrovnik Summer School 2017 mentors are?
Check out our Facebook page this Sunday and find out more about this year’s program here.