I want to register, but I don’t have a team?

  • For all who are interested we are going to organize a meet up with potential team members over facebook group.


How many of us can be a part of the team and do we have to go to the same college?

  • Teams consists of a minimum 2 to a maximum of 4 members. All undergraduate or graduate students with any year of study from all Croatian universities and other higher education institutions in Croatia can apply.


I’m interested in this area, but I don’t think I know enough about it to register?

  • Don’t worry, we will organize educational workshops where you will be able to learn everything that interests you. There will also be consultations for competitors as well, where you will be able to ask all the questions you are interested in.


How to register and until when?

  • Deadline for registration is 16.3.2018. All details regarding the registration and the course of competition are published on Mozgalo web page.


Do I have to go to education workshops and weekly consultations?

  • Educational workshops and consultations are not mandatory, but we advise you to participate because you can learn a lot and ask about everything that interests you.


What awards are provided?

  • For the top 3 best teams, cash prizes are provided in the amount of:
    • 1. place: 14 000 kn
    • 2. place: 10 000 kn
    • 3. place: 6 000 kn
  • Finalists present their solutions at the closing ceremony and a team with the best presentation will be awarded a prize of  1 000 kn.


What is this year’s theme?

  • In the academic year 2017./18. theme will be revealed at the Opening ceremony, 13.3.2018. year.


When do I choose which assignment I want to work on?

  • Upon the end of registration (16.3.), all registered teams will receive a form where they can select what assignment they want to work on.


How long does the competition last?

  • Competition starts on 16.3.2018., and will last till 18.5.2018., when it is also a deadline for submitting the final solution and entire documentation.
  • 4.6.2018. finalists will present their solutions before the jury at the closing ceremony, after which we will announce the winners and close the competition.


Can anyone from other country than Croatia apply?

  • Anyone who is an undergraduate or graduate student in Croatia, Slovenia and Austria can apply. It is important that a contestant has a student status.


Can I participate if I graduate during competition?

  • Of course, it is important that you are at the time of registration i.e. until the official start of the competition (16.3.) undergraduate or graduate student.