Dubrovnik Summer School is an international summer seminar that discusses and focuses on intellectual capital. In regard to the main topic, this year students and lecturers will also discuss business freedom, a topic that is very relevant in  todays business world.The application process begins March 16. The event is organized by eSTUDENT, an organization dedicated to giving business opportunities and experience to other students.

Just as the city that DSS is being held in the seminar itself, already has a long tradition. This is the eleventh year that the event will bring together students from all over the world and enrich their intellectual capital and further their knowledge. Some of the most important skills student will learn or get better at are : communication, teamwork and time management. All these skills are the foundation for success in the business world. But also, to give students a better chance of success, the seminar will also focus on creative thinking and individually approach each student so they can better understand what career choice they want to make. That way students can find out how they can be successful in a field they love, making it so they will genuinely enjoy their future jobs. This will also provide the attendees with the basic knowledge on how to become an entrepreneur and make their own successful business story.

The seminar will be held on August 22-28 and is intended for students from all over the world. The most important factor is your motivation,will to learn new things and experience different cultures. If you ready yourself with these prerequisites you are definitely going to have a memorable and educational summer with Dubrovnik Summer School. Also, not only will you cultivate your academic endeavor you will get to experience all of this in beautiful city often called the Pearl of the Adriatic.

If you are ready to have a memorable summer and increase your chances of success in the business world, apply and get ready to take a big step forward. Also,read more about DSS here and follow our Facebook page for further information.