In the past 11 years, a large number of people went through the “Dubrovnik Summer School experience”. For each and every of them, this experience was something that helped them grow on  a personal and professional level.

 ⌊ What would you say to everyone who is considering applying to DSS 2017?

Why should they apply? ⌋


”Dubrovnik Summer School was my first summer school and it was a great experience. Through a week of interesting and interactive lectures and workshops I learned a lot, met wonderful people from various parts of Croatia and the world, I feel in love in the City of Dubrovnik, and had some great fun. Great organization, marvelous lecturers and the summer school experience are all the reason why you should go to Dubrovnik Summer School 2017! :) ”

» Ivona Panifer, participant


”Apply because it’s one perfect experience, wonderful place, people, atmosphere… It is inspiring, motivating and engaging program :) ”

» Lana Podgorsek, participant


”Dubrovnik Summer School is a great experience. You should apply because you will gain new knowledge from the experienced lecturers and you will meet interesting new people. Working with people with different ideas, experiences, and perspectives on the world will make you learn more about yourself.”

» Mateja Basic, participant


”It is an amazing lifetime experience. Having lessons in impressive environment of the Old City of Dubrovnik and meeting people from all over the world is something you will never forget.”

» Marijana Vukelic, participant


”No matter how many projects you have attended, no matter how much friends and colleagues you have all around the world, no matter how much places have you visited, DSS will be something more different than you’ve ever experienced. ”

» Romana Cosic, participant


“Dubrovnik Summer School opened the doors for many opportunities and gave me a chance to cooperate with excellent lecturers from different countries and to start new international projects.”

» Filip Ivanisevic, participant 


”Do not even hesitate, the things you are going to experience, feel, see, and people you will meet are going to leave the trace with you for a long time!”

» Helena Pelin, participant


”Definitely apply! Nice experience, good people, good organization, beautiful city… no reason to not apply.”

» Davor Zilic, participant