Pitch your IDEA!


Gabrijela Kisicek, Ph.D. works at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb where she teaches several courses connected with the public speaking and rhetoric such as Argumentation, History of Rhetoric, Communication Skills for teachers and Nonverbal communication.

With her rich experience with Public Speaking, she performs training sessions for a different profile of professionals: business people, politicians, managers, priests, sales representatives etc. She also works as a speaking coach at Nova TV in Zagreb where she prepares TV presenters and journalists for the camera appearances.

She is an author of many papers in the field of rhetoric, argumentation and public speaking and the co-author of the book Rhetoric and Society.


Successfully presenting your idea

» workshop → 1 day

LOCATION: University of Dubrovnik

The workshop is intended for young future professionals who will face the difficulties of successfully presenting their innovations and ideas. During the workshop, they will learn how to be better, clearer and more efficient in presentations. That includes learning about the well-organized structure of the presentation, good reasons and arguments for the ideas and effective body language. After the initial theoretical base and advice, participants will prepare their short presentations and deliver them to the audience and in front of the camera. The workshop will include analysis and evaluation of each presentation with comments and suggestions for further training. It is important to emphasize that no matter how good your idea might be, if you don’t present it properly, persuasively and if you are not perceived as competent, determined and with self-esteem, you will not be successful. Presentation skills can be learned and trained and which is, in the end, the main goal of this workshop.


Sell your IDEA!


Igor enrolled gymnasium because he didn’t know what he wanted to do in life. After that he enrolled Faculty of Mechanical Engineering because he still didn’t know what he wanted to do in life. When he graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering he exactly knew what he didn’t want to do in his life.

Finally, he got a job in advertising agency as a junior copywriter and immediately knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Today he works as a Chief Creative Director in Imago Ogilvy. In his 14 years in advertising he was jury member and awarded at many national and international advertising festivals. Igor is the first and only Croatian Creative Director who has won Cannes Lion award.


Advertising tips on how to get laid easier

or how good advertising is connected with good relationships

» workshop → 3-4 hours

LOCATION: University of Dubrovnik

The workshop is designed to help participants get answers on all questions regarding advertising. In capable hands, they will learn about difficulties of good advertising and how to implement it into their ideas. The workshop will include a interactive case study designed by Igor, where students will need to think and revaluate their knowledge about marketing. 

Advertising will be and is a great part of presenting your idea, yourself and anything you want to show the world. but not just show, but also, make the world believe in the story of your idea. We believe that in Igors hands, you will definitely leave with knowledge needed to sell your story.


Network your IDEA!


Your Mentor for a Week

Tea is an entrepreneur in the making and an engineer with a business mind and passion for people. She graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and Computing in Zagreb and now works as a project manager at Simulus Group.

Besides managing financial and banking app development projects, she conducts in-house training for companies in ICT, banking and telecommunication sectors. In her free time, she volunteers as a soft-skills trainer for non-profit organizations and writes a blog TeaTime where she shares ideas, tools and resources needed in building a successful career, right from the start.

In her distant future (as an old lady) Tea plans to live with a pack of dogs and spend her days writing. She loves travelling, meeting new and interesting people, and a hot cup of tea in the evening. Tea is literally always smiling and she cannot wait to follow you on your journey of growing your idea and to share some tips and tricks with you along the way.

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Design your IDEA!


Superpower: Design Thinking

Petra is an experienced manager with an envious portfolio of work experience. She graduated from The Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb and obtained her master’s degree from Cortugli Business School. Currently, she is a regional product manager for Samsung in Croatia.

Even though, she is an expert in her field of work – she continues to improve her knowledge and skills through various workshops and courses. Such attitude allows her to gain an edge and thrive in her work environment.

Beside being skilled at her job, she is also passionate about it and loves to be involved in all stages of a project. She is capable of handling troubles on her own but always welcomes teamwork for it brings new experience and “adds flavour” to the project. A person of such spirit and motivation is a rare sight but she will be lecturing this year in Dubrovnik and hearing her advice can only be beneficial.




Be smart and manage smart. Your product, project and career


Kristijan received his BA in Business Economics and MA in Marketing at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb. His professional career began in FMCG sector as a marketing associate in SPAR Croatia and later continued in the marketing of Adidas Group. Today he works as a regional product manager in L’Oreal Adria and serves as a visiting assistant professor at Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb. He is an active member of the Global Shapers Community – group of individuals selected by World Economic Forum on the basis of their achievements, leadership potential and commitement to make a difference in society. He is also co-founder and executive director of Preparing Global Leaders Forum Croatia.

In his free time, he is passionate about reading, traveling, nature and sports.




 ⌊ CASE STUDY Zagrebačka banka ⌋

What will workplace look like in 2050? – Make your idea long-lasting!















The workshop is intended for young future professionals who will put some effort on giving ideas of how with time, generations will revolutionize the way we work. It will include short presentation of how HR employees motivate and attract great young people to Banking industry which can be challenging sometimes. Also, we will share with participants, what have changed for the last couple of years in the way we work and the way we adopt to work market.

After the initial experience and introduction to the topic, participants will prepare their ideas of how the workplace will look like in 2050 (using different tools – searching the web, using questionnaire etc.). Besides putting the focus on what will workplace look like, participants will have opportunity to develop idea such as “How to be an attractive employer in 2050?” At the end, participants will present their ideas, using their knowledge from the last 4 days spent at Dubrovnik summer school.

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