Zagreb Summer Academy

Zagreb Summer Academy marks a new era for young people in Croatia and all around the world. The main goal is to bring focus on the skills not only wanted by an employer, but also needed in everyday life. It promotes teamwork, divergent thinking, efficient communication and much more.

As Zagreb Summer Academy is a successor of Dubrovnik Summer School it’s also based on intellectual capital. It’s purpose is to acquire new applicable knowledge and develop new skills by having personal interaction with great speakers and professors that are going to lead the workshops.

This summer academy guides participants to their future success by helping them understand their individual values, passions and potentials, choose their careers, determine and achieve their goals and develop useful skills and knowledge.

With each skill you grow as a person and to gain that skills at Zagreb Summer Academy you don’t have to be from one professional field, we welcome everyone who want’s to pursue their dreams.


  • Otvorene prijave za Zagreb Summer Academy


    Zagreb Summer Academy je međunarodna ljetna škola čija je svrha unaprijediti poduzetničke vještine mladih. Kao nasljednik afirmirane škole Dubrovnik Summer School, ova ljetna škola održat će se prvi put od 20. do 29. kolovoza. Cilj Zagreb Summer Academyja je podučavanje i stjecanje primjenjivih znanja s područja poduzetništva te razvijanje vještina s naglaskom na soft skills.

    Soft skill treninzi podučavat će o načinima pronalaženja vlastitih talenata, načine kako svoje želje pretvoriti u ideje, a zatim te ideje razviti u plan. Uz to, sudionici će imati priliku očvrsnuti svoje prezentacijsko umijeće i upoznati se s poslovnim vještinama. Kreativne radionice i predavanja pokazat će sve o mogućnostima financiranja, razvoju osobnog brenda i stjecanju kreativnosti u poduzetništvu. Vrhunski stručnjaci će putem interaktivnih predavanja pripremiti sudionike za promjenjive okolnosti koje ih očekuju u svijetu poslovanja. Tijekom deset dana ljetne škole, sudionici će imati priliku naučiti mnogo stručnih znanja te saznati kako oblikovati ideju u realističan strateški plan, što ovu školu čini savršenom polaznom točkom prema uspješnoj poduzetničkoj karijeri.

    Prijave su otvorene od 15. veljače do 10. svibnja, a prijaviti se mogu sve osobe između 20 i 28 godina koje se vide u poduzetničkom svijetu. Ako si osoba koja ima ideju, a nema je kome reći ili ako imaš plan, a ne znaš kamo bi s njim – prijavi se i kreni na put prema vlastitom vrhu.Više informacija o samom projektu i prijavama možete doznati na službenoj web stranici ili na Facebook stranici.

    Sara Radaković

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⌊ Program Overview ⌋



Zagreb Summer Academy 2018 Where success begins.
Throughout 10 days of the summer school participants will gain insight into the entrepreneural world. From learning how to choose the right idea and transfer it into a plan to creativity in business and personal branding – program of the Zagreb Summer Academy is a boot camp for the future of business and marking a place in it.

Who should apply?

  • Highly enthusiastic and motivated students who want to make a change in the world
  • Students interested in innovation and personal growth
  • Anyone who has an idea but doesn’t have the skills to develop it
  • Anyone who has certain skills but doesn’t have an idea to develop
  • All those who wish to acquire various skills in the above-mentioned fields

What will you get from Zagreb Summer Academy?

By the end of the project, you will be equipped with theoretical (lecture) and practical knowledge (workshops and case studies) in the area of entrepreneurship.

We will introduce participants to different aspects of business and entrepreneurship. We strive to encourage you to develop your own ideas as well as achieve your life goals.

Success stories will inspire participants to apply what they have learned at Zagreb Summer Academy in their own entrepreneurial projects as well as in day to day dealing with problems.

Our philosophy…

Traditional teaching is important.
However, learning does not end after lectures and workshops!

We believe that crucial part of participants learning process will occur in interaction with others. We will organize many outdoor activities. The process of the application itself is competitive. Therefore, we will ensure that you meet other ambitious and outstanding colleagues such as yourself! We are determined to provide you with best possible program considering the time you will spend in Croatia.

With all that mentioned, we guarantee you that Zagreb Summer Academy will be an international experience that you will never forget!


⌊ Application Process ⌋


In order to apply you have to fill up Zagreb Summer Academy application form.

In the application form you need to do the following:

» fill out basic information

» upload your picture

» answer our motivation questions

» upload your CV

» optional – upload a short video, share pictures, your Tumblr page, quotes…

The application process starts at February 15th and ends at May 10th, or until available places are filled .


Zagreb Summer Academy is the right seminar for you if:

»You are young, energetic and proactive student who want to get “the wind at their backs” and push boundaries we face in the business world;

» You want to get inspired and gain valuable knowledge that will help you recognize your true potentials and values and guide you through your future career;

» You want to spend an unforgettable 10 days in Zagreb;

» You want to meet other young and bright individuals from all over the world and grow your network. Students from any field of interest are welcome to apply.


⌊ Tuition Fee ⌋

⟨ 200.00 € ⟩

Participation fee includes:

» Lectures

» Lunch

» Trip

» Study materials

» Public transport in Zagreb for the whole duration of school

» Free Wi-fi

» Certificate of participation

» Closing ceremony

Paying the tuition fee on time is a requirement in order to participate in Zagreb Summer Academy. There is a possibility of paying the tuition fee by 2 installments.


⌊ Accomodation ⌋

Accomodation is not included in the participation fee. We have provided accomodation for our participants in the center of Zagreb. To be more specific in Hostel Centar.

Cost of accomodation is 200€. It includes 11 nights and breakfast.

Frequently Asked Questions

 ⌊ Application ⌋


Who can apply for the Zagreb Summer Academy?

Zagreb Summer Academy is ideal for all the young and energic people who want to get “the wind at their backs” and push boundaries we face in the business world. Students from any field of interest are welcome to apply.

How do I apply?

First you have to fill out and submit the application form with your personal information and answer 4 motivation questions. After being accepted as a participant we will send you a confirmation e-mail with the invoice for the first down payment.

What is the deadline for applications?

The application deadline is May 10, 2018. Those who require a visa should keep that in mind and have them issued in due time.

Do I have to apply for a visa to attend the program?

Croatia is a member of EU from 2013, and visa requirements differ depending on your country of origin. We suggest you contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country in order to know which procedures you should follow. If you do need a visa we will send you Guarantee Letter after you pay half of the fee.


⌊ Programme and lectures ⌋


Are there any prerequisites for the programme?

There are no specific prerequisites.

Are the lectures in Croatian or English?

All the lectures are taught in English.

Do I need to present any English certificate?

No. There is no need to deliver English language certificate (such as TOEFL or IELTS), but since the classes are all taught in English, it is recommended that students who apply for the summer programme have a satisfactory level of English (B2).

How many people will be in class?

Zagreb Summer Academy is organized for approximately 20 participants in order to have the high level of individual approach and interactive classes.

What will my timetable look like?

Typically, you will have lectures from 9:30 am to 5 pm with a lunch and coffee breaks in between. Each day there will also be many cultural and leisure activities organized so you can enjoy your summer in Zagreb to the fullest.

When will I get my timetable?

You will be given your timetable, at least, two weeks before the summer school starts and a printed version on the first day of the programme.

What documentation will I receive upon successful completion of a Summer Academy course?

Participants of Zagreb Summer Academy will get an official certificate that they have successfully completed the program.

When will I receive my certificate?

Certificates are given on the last day of the summer school at the closing ceremony.


⌊ Fees ⌋


What does the program fee include?

» All in class teaching

» All course materials

» Public transport in Zagreb

» Free Wi-fi

» Lunch

» Diverse extra-curricular programme with excursions, sightseeing tours, and other cultural and leisure activities

Does the Summer School offer any grants or subsidies?

No, Zagreb Summer Academy is financed exclusively by participant’s fee and partners and has no resources of its own.

What costs do participants have to cover by themselves?

Participants have to cover all food expenses except breakfast and lunch, private trips before and after the Zagreb Summer Academy program, airplane ticket, health insurance and personal costs.

How can I make the payment?

The payment is made by bank transfer. All the information about payment you will get in the e-mail we will send you as confirmation of your application. You should cover all the extra expenses (such as bank transfer fee) by yourself.


⌊ Coming to Croatia ⌋


Do I need to have medical insurance?

If you are coming from EU member states, it is enough for you to have European health insurance card. If you are coming from any other country, you have to arrange medical insurance by yourself.

How do I get to Zagreb?

You can get to Zagreb by plane, by bus, by car or by train, depending on your location.

Can you arrange a pickup?

We can organize a pickup, but you have to let us know the exact time and place of your arrival in Zagreb.

I would like to extend my stay in Zagreb (by arriving before the programme or postponing the departure). Is it possible?

If you want to come earlier and/or stay longer in the hotel accommodation organised for Zagreb Summer Academy you should let us know as soon as possible so we can try to arrange your extended stay. However, this extension is not included in the programme fee.







For application or any other information, feel free to contact us at any time via

You can also contact our team:

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» Ivona Panifer, Deputy Team Leader →


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