Dubrovnik Summer School

Dubrovnik Summer School is an international summer seminar which is being held for 11 years in Dubrovnik. The seminar is organized by student association eSTUDENT under the main theme – intellectual capital. As Dubrovnik is the first intellectual capital city in the world, it is a perfect place for such an event. Besides the main theme, this year`s theme will be focused on business freedom.

Dubrovnik Summer School promotes teamwork, communication skills and thinking “outside of the box”. It also encourages creative thinking in order to design and launch new projects by the participants.​

The main purpose is to acquire new applicable knowledge and develop some new skills by having personal interaction with great speakers and professors that are going to lead the workshops.

This summer school guides participants to their future success by helping them understand their individual values, passions and potentials, choose their careers, determine and achieve their goals and develop useful skills and knowledge.

Both, lectures and workshops, have multidisciplinary topics relevant and applicable to all areas of interest so it doesn’t matter what you study (areas of intellectual capital, knowledge and people management, covering topics such as design thinking, big data, diplomacy, business intelligence, career development and innovation).


  • News from Dubrovnik Summer School 2017


    What’s new in this years DSS?

    Dubrovnik Summer School is an international summer seminar that discusses and focuses on intellectual capital. This year will be the twelfth year that this School brings new talent to Dubrovnik.
    The event is organized by eSTUDENT, a student organization dedicated to giving business opportunities and experience to other students. Every year organizational team brings something different and unique to the event, and 2017 is no exception.

    IMG_7631 (1)

    This year there are two significant improvements to the DSS recipe.

    Many students today don’t prefer tiresome theory and long lectures. Thus more practical and businesslike workshops are recommended and requested. Therefore, this year participants will have the opportunity to test their knowledge and gain skills via case studies. Through this specially thought out case studies from our lecturers and partner firms, DSS promotes teamwork, communication skills and thinking ”outside of the box”.


    With all of the activities, it’s difficult to achieve consistency and awareness of the progress made each day. For that, Dubrovnik Summer School ensured mentors for the whole week who will help participants with questions, inspiration or just casual chit-chat. 2017 organizational team searched for this year’s mentors, and they are satisfied with their choice.

    Intrigued to see who Dubrovnik Summer School 2017 mentors are?
    Check out our Facebook page this Sunday and find out more about this year’s program here.

  • Applications for Dubrovnik Summer School 2017 – realize your IDEATION


    Dubrovnik Summer School is an international summer seminar that discusses and focuses on intellectual capital. The event is organized by eSTUDENT, a student organization dedicated to giving business opportunities and experience to other students. The seminar will be held on August 21-27 and is intended for students from all over the world.

    Dubrovnik Summer School promotes teamwork, communication skills and thinking “outside of the box”. After participating in this seminar program, every student will gain required knowledge and expertise which are necessary and wanted in today’s business world. They will discover all the secrets about product placement, design ideas, design thinking, targeting, pitching workshops, and communication skills.

    Every student who is 18 – 28 years old can apply for this international seminar. It is only important that you are ready for new experiences and willing to improve yourself, in love with traveling and meeting new people, and full of ideas which you want to share with others.

    If you found yourself in this description, do not wait too long, and click here to apply. Read more information about the program here and follow us on our Facebook page for the most recent ideas.

  • Vedran Lešić: Understanding Decision Making in the Business World


    Vedran Lešić is second year postgraduate researcher at the Leeds University Business School. He is a recipient of University of Leeds 110 Anniversary Research Scholarship and working within the Consumer Data Research Centre and the Centre for Decision Research . Previously he completed the Fulbright Predoctoral programme at the Department of Engineering and Public Policy department at Carnegie Mellon University. He holds graduate degrees in Psychology from the University of Zadar and in International Relations and Public Policy from Dubrovnik International University. Vedran’s research focuses on understanding consumers’ decision-making, behavior and perceptions of energy consumption in the residential sector.  We talked with Vedran about his role at Dubrovnik Summer School.


    1. Regarding your expertise in psychology, how do you contribute to this year’s topic of Dubrovnik Summer School, intellectual capital and business freedom?

    Often in economic and business discussions, the human component is either left out or it is assumed that people will act rationally in order to achieve the highest utility for themselves. In order to be successful on the global market it is not enough to have the knowledge or experience from only one discipline or field. You are expected to have an interdisciplinary background as well as an adaptable and flexible nature of your reasoning. Through understanding how people actually make decisions and judgments we are unlocking the potential for real change in ourselves and in society today. With the behavioral perspective we are building a strong and critical know-how to address the obstacles we still have not overcome.

    2. In your studies you focus on decision making. What is the best advice you can give young men and women on how to make the best decision when all options seem bad?

    The best way to make a decision is to understand the decision making processes, gather relevant information and apply it to the given context. With knowledge about the relevant topic and sufficient time, people can be in a position to make well-informed decisions. People make various choices on a daily basis, from the small ones, to irrational and the ones which have significant impact on our future. The key for making a good decision is to understand how certain decision are made and to ensure that all the relevant information and sources are included before making the final judgment.

    3. Also, do you have any general advice on how they can boost their motivation, since lack of motivation is what stops many young people from achieving their full potential?

    Motivation comes from many different sources. It is salient to know where the source of motivation lies and what the future implications for any given goals are. Simplifying the process by creating smaller sub-goals, getting a meaningful reward for every achieved milestone and taking time to plan before we start, can create a significant difference to our level of motivation. It is quite hard to give just one recommendation for a motivation boost because each of us is motivated by different factors. I find that being aware of times when you performed really well and how you managed to accomplish your previous goals helps to motivate yourself to give even more in a similar situation.

    4. In your workshop at DSS you talk about a very interesting topic, how to create business ideas based on irrational decisions. In a couple of short sentences, can you explain why you think irrationality can actually contribute to your everyday life and business, since irrationality is exactly what most people try to avoid when it comes to decision making?

    In this workshop we will talk about how irrationality often supplants rational thought and that the reason for this is embedded in the very structure of our minds. We will cover most common decision-making traps and give real-world examples in the business environment. We will learn why Prospect theory deserved to win the Noble prize and how it changed our understanding of human decision making. This session should give participants insights on how to recognize these patterns and show that we can make better decisions in business, in matters of collective welfare, and in our everyday lives from drinking coffee to losing weight or buying a car.

    5. Can you give us an example of a popular business that was based on an irrational idea?

    The majority of successful companies, business and organizations today are using principals from behavioral decision making and behavioral economics to shape their products and services. Starting from simple menu creation for a restaurant, product display to retirement, insurances and other schemes. Through this workshop we will get into specific irrationalities and how business have turned them into profitable assets.

    6. In conclusion, do you have any advice or experience you would like to share with students that will be attending this year’s DSS?

    Since you have made this decision consciously and invested time and effort to apply for DSS, I would simply advise you to use this event as a great platform for your own personal inspiration and bonding time with your colleagues and lecturers. Having the opportunity to listen to lecturers covering contemporary topics on intellectual capital and business freedom might give you enough information and ideas about your own future plans. Also, having a network of colleagues and peers in the same field is a great source of knowledge and experience you might need in order to be competitive on today’s market.

  • Ante Lučić: Economic and Business Lessons from History of Dubrovnik


    Ante Lučić is one of the lecturers that will be attending this year’s Dubrovnik Summer School. He has a master degree in law and business management. Also he is the CEO of A- Link a career consulting and marketing company. Some of his interests are the future of higher education, employment and political communication. In this interview he gave us an overview of his lectures and why he thinks Dubrovnik is an excellent choice for a summer school that focuses on intellectual capital.

    1. For starters, can you explain in a couple of sentences what will be the focus of your lectures at Dubrovnik Summer School?

    The focus of my lectures will be the economic/business lessons learned from the history of Dubrovnik. We will try to dig deeper into the way the old Ragusans did business and see whether and to what extent we can apply certain concepts in the modern business operations. In order to understand their business practices, we will imitate their diplomatic and smart approach in a role play. The goal is to have a lively discussions about the best business practices, as well as learning how Ragusans benefited from the concept of freedom, and why we should too.

    2. What business skills do you expect most students will learn after your lectures?

    I hope the students will brush up on their negotiation and argumentation skills. Furthermore, we will see how and what we can learn from history, especially while becoming acquainted with free market economics and business freedom.

    3. Except the obvious benefits Dubrovnik offers as a touristic city, are there any other reasons it was chosen as the city to hold a summer school that focuses on intellectual capital?

    Whenever one mention’s intellectual capital and the history thereof, Dubrovnik stands out rather naturally. Not only does it have a long tradition of quality education, but it has also been a type of an incubator of intellectual capital, which has served as a backbone of organizational management, business intelligence, economic diplomacy, etc. For instance, the father of Business Intelligence, Stevan Dedijer comes from Dubrovnik, just like Benedikt Kotruljević, the father of accounting and double-entry book keeping. Lots of other successes of Dubrovnik’s historical figures in science, economics and diplomacy are based on the Republic’s strategic approach to growing and maintaining intellectual capital. It is definitely good to learn about intellectual capital at the place which has virtually invented it and championed it for such a long time.

    4. This year’s topic of Dubrovnik Summer School is business freedom. How is that topic related to Dubrovnik’s history?

    The Latin word for freedom (“liberty”, that is) is Libertas, and one will stumble upon it whenever reading about Dubrovnik’s history. The Ragusan Republic would not have been as successful had they not cherished the concept of freedom, which they fought very hard to preserve, and which they employed in their short and long term politics and businesses. The success story of Dubrovnik is actually the success story of business freedom in the historical context. Dubrovnik was a little superpower in international trade, which functions better if there are not many barriers (i.e. if there is more business freedom).

    5. Why do you consider raising awareness about business freedom is important in today’s world?

    The best things are those that are created freely and in the environment which is based on the values of freedom. It is sufficient to merely look at modern innovations and disruptive technologies; they come from predominantly free economic environments. Such environments encourage and enhance competition where actors are free to compete about the quality and price of their products, continuously improving both. These processes are what actually drives economies forward. The stronger and freer the economy, the higher the quality of life and the brighter are the future prospects of various societies and communities forming today’s world.

    6. Also, what can students themselves do about raising awareness about business freedom and its importance in their own countries?

    One of the best ways to promote freedom is to do it simultaneously while promoting entrepreneurship. Having more people involved in (their own) business projects shows them same traces of business freedom in practice and they can easily learn about its importance for economic development. Until you start something of your own, the concept of business freedom can be rather blurry, too theoretical, and even abstract. To raise awareness about anything it is first necessary to learn about it as much as possible. Since learning by doing is the best type of learning, I would advise students to first promote entrepreneurship as such, which will be naturally followed by the growing sentiment for business freedom.

    7. In conclusion, do you have any advice you would like to share with students that will be attending this year Dubrovnik Summer School?

    Regarding DSS, just like in any educational initiative, most of it is up to you. If you come with the right mindset of wanting to learn something new and valuable, and wanting to contribute something of value to the program – you will surely benefit from it. Be open towards meeting new people, have lots of fun, explore Dubrovnik, swim, and build new friendships – freely, of course!

  • Interview with Vedran Antoljak


    Vedran Antoljak is one of the lecturers  that will be attending this year’s Dubrovnik Summer School. He is also a management consulting expert and a managing director of Sense Consulting, the biggest  Croatian company  for business consulting according to Financial Times. In his 20-year-career, he successfully developed and sold his own company for consulting in ICT sector in Austria and he was a senior consultant in the leading global company for strategic consulting. Moreover, for four years  he was at the head of the Croatian office of International Finance Corporation (IFC) and for five years he worked as regional private sector specialist of the World Bank.  We talked about what topics he will cover at Dubrovnik Summer School and what students can expect to learn from him.


    1. You have had  20 years long career in management and consulting. Regarding that experience, what are the most important skills, knowledge and experiences that young people should learn or experience to become successful business(wo)men and why are they so important?


    Since the beginning of my career the mix of most important skill of very good management consultant has changed along the lines with ongoing changes in the economy and our way of life. For example, 20 years ago you couldn’t get a job in management consulting without a degree of a good business school (local or international) and a set of analytical skills with strong emphasis on Finance. Today, the best school became less relevant as your education background, but wide and different experience, creativity and innovative approaches are required. The management consultant of the 21st century still has to have strong analytical skills, but also have to be able to apply intuition in creating the best solution for client’s challenges. Finally, the best consultant should have a high level of empathy and sense for design.


    1. Also, what are the three most valued characteristics that make the difference between a good and an excellent business(wo)man?


    Nowadays, the imperative for every business(wo)man is to be a leader with a high level of empathy, great communication skills and be able to solve problems and make a decision in time. The best business(wo)man would also have a powerful network of people, a wide range of different interests, and sense for humor. Personally, I always appreciate business(wo)man that are able to challenge everything including its own suggestions, results or decisions.


    1. This year’s main topic of DSS is intellectual capital and business freedom. How does your expertise contribute to that topic?


    The analysis are saying that, in general, the value of the best international corporation consists of 20% of tangible assets and 80% intangible assets i.e. intellectual. Intellectual capital is very important for any service industry, especially the knowledge industry such as management consulting. Sense Consulting, which I lead for last 8 years, is the first company in the southeast Europe with a license for IC Rating – world’s most used methodology for measuring intellectual capital. We also strongly promote the use of Evlia and SmarterCompaies methodologies for evaluation of future value potential of a company.


    1. Both in your lectures and workshops you reference innovation in business. Obviously it is an important skill, but to what extent do you mean innovation, do you think it is only preserved to people who are very creative or is it a skill that can be learned?


    Business people just to think that creativity is reserved for other people and that rational i.e. analytical approach do not go along with creativity i.e. intuition. This is wrong! Everyone can be creative and it has become a requirement for business people to develop their creative skills in order to become better. In current complex times where professional and personal lives are integrated, where changes in the environment very fast, and where knowledge is developing like never ever before – a business people have to bundle their analytical and creative skills in order to find solutions for multidimensional challenges. This can be learned.


    1. If it can be learned, what is the best way to start the process of learning it and acquiring that “think outside the box” mindset?


    We could not solve the problems we created with same approaches we used to create them. In last 5 years, Design Thinking has proven as very effective problem solving approach for modern business challenges where other traditional methods and tools have proven inappropriate or less effective. Design Thinking is the best approach that helps people on the systematic way to develop cooperation between their left and right side of the brain. The outcome of such approach is innovation. Design Thinking is not a linear process but a sort of guidelines on how to approach complex challenges from different perspectives and by using tools that are much more effective.


    1. In your workshop that you will be holding this summer in Dubrovnik you talk about design thinking as an important tool for future businessman. Without going in depth can you give us the basic concept of design thinking and tell us what makes it so important and unique to other cognitive problem solving tools.


    What’s so attractive Design Thinking is that it allows us to combine “right-brained” creative thinking with “left-brained” analytical thinking. In this day and age where we know we need innovation and, at the same time, we know we need to run our organizations as effectively and efficiently as possible, Design Thinking offers us a process and a set of tools to bring the best of both worlds into our decision-making process.


    1. Also, do you have any real life situation where design thinking helped you to solve a problem that you thought you won’t be able to solve?


    We in Sense Consulting are practicing Design Thinking for few years for finding the best solution for our client’s business challenges, but also as the tool for many internal issues within our company. The real life situation where we used Design Thinking approach was when a bank asked us to find solutions to attract more teenagers to use financial (banking) services. By engaging different non-banking people through the two-day workshop, three groups applied Design Thinking. Each group developed a completely different prototype and presented it to a banker responsible for new product development. The outcome was that two groups were invited to present their solution to bank’s management.


    1. To sum up, do you have any advice or something else you would like to share with all the students that will be attending this year’s Dubrovnik Summer School?


    Life is beautiful! Don’t waste your time by trying to achieve somebody else’s dream. Pursue your own dream, learn all about it, challenge that knowledge and stay open for changing yourself all the time. Finally, try to be the best in what you do and don’t be discouraged by failures. Learn out of your mistakes as without them you can’t be successful.


  • Expect the unexpected- Dubrovnik Summer School


    Dubrovnik Summer School is an international summer seminar that discusses and focuses on intellectual capital. In regard to the main topic, this year students and lecturers will also discuss business freedom, a topic that is very relevant in  todays business world.The application process begins March 16. The event is organized by eSTUDENT, an organization dedicated to giving business opportunities and experience to other students.

    Just as the city that DSS is being held in the seminar itself, already has a long tradition. This is the eleventh year that the event will bring together students from all over the world and enrich their intellectual capital and further their knowledge. Some of the most important skills student will learn or get better at are : communication, teamwork and time management. All these skills are the foundation for success in the business world. But also, to give students a better chance of success, the seminar will also focus on creative thinking and individually approach each student so they can better understand what career choice they want to make. That way students can find out how they can be successful in a field they love, making it so they will genuinely enjoy their future jobs. This will also provide the attendees with the basic knowledge on how to become an entrepreneur and make their own successful business story.

    The seminar will be held on August 22-28 and is intended for students from all over the world. The most important factor is your motivation,will to learn new things and experience different cultures. If you ready yourself with these prerequisites you are definitely going to have a memorable and educational summer with Dubrovnik Summer School. Also, not only will you cultivate your academic endeavor you will get to experience all of this in beautiful city often called the Pearl of the Adriatic.

    If you are ready to have a memorable summer and increase your chances of success in the business world, apply and get ready to take a big step forward. Also,read more about DSS here and follow our Facebook page for further information.

  • Dubrovnik Summer School 10th – anniversary!


    From August 23 – 29, Dubrovnik Summer School, a unique international multidisciplinary seminar on intellectual capital and people and knowledge management, organized by eSTUDENT, brought together 24 participants and 10 lecturers from different parts of the world.

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    Dubrovnik Summer School is intended for exceptional and young individuals from all over the world with different areas of interest.

    This year was particularly special as the big 10th anniversary was celebrated. Dubrovnik Summer School is tightly connected to the impressive heritage of Dubrovnik and hence, it is also intended to win Dubrovnik back his title of cultural and contemporary city of knowledge, innovation, and future.

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    Opening and the 10th-anniversary celebration at the Sponza Palace in the Old city

    The guiding principle of this summer school is “Looking back going forward” because through interactive lectures, seminars and workshops, inspired by the great past of Dubrovnik, and with the guidance of great international speakers and experts, participants get to develop and improve variety of skills, recognize and upgrade their potentials and become the future leaders.

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    Majority of lectures, seminars and workshops were held in the modern lecture hall at the University of Dubrovnik.

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    Dubrovnik Summer School is not only about great lectures, but also about giving the participants a chance to get to know Dubrovnik and its heritage first-hand and enjoy the summertime. They visited Lokrum island, Srđ hill, Dubrovnik walls, different museums and some of the most beautiful beaches as well as the many other landmarks of Dubrovnik. A couple of the lectures was even held in the magnificent Sponza Palace and Rector’s Palace in the Old City.

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    As participants had different backgrounds and interest each one had their own individual interpretation and understanding of the knowledge and experience from Dubrovnik Summer School, but what they all agreed on was that this program gave them a unique summer experience and memory and friends they will cherish for life.  “The best part of DSS were the people and the city. The city is amazing and I liked that we had entrance to the important “parts of the city”. I also liked the dynamics of the lectures, it didn’t feel like at the university.”

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    No matter how many projects you have attended, no matter how many friends and colleagues you have all around the world, no matter how many places have you visited, DSS will be something completely different than anything you’ve ever experienced.”

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    This year’s Dubrovnik Summer School was organized with the support of numerous institutions and partners such as the City of Dubrovnik, University of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Liberates Dubrovnik, ESN Dubrovnik, Zagrebačka banka, Hrvatski Telekom, Franck, Konzum, Nestlé, Coca-Cola HBC Croatia, Zagrebačka pivovara and Croatian Radiotelevision.


    eSTUDENT started its story in 2004, at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb, and today after 11 years of existence it gathers students of all studies at the University of Zagreb. By connecting economic, academic and student community it provides chances for proactive students to use their attained knowledge and acquire new skills in a multidisciplinary surrounding.

    eSTUDENT is proud to be the most active student organization in Croatia gathering over 300 student volunteers organizing more than 30 unique projects every year. We have the support from more than 60 companies, but also from numerous institutions, and there are thousands of students participating in eSTUDENT’s projects and activities every year.

  • A little bit more time to apply!



    We are bringing you good news on this hot summer day!  If you want refreshment, to meet new people and to explore a different culture and learn from a professionals trough their lectures and workshops then Dubrovnik Summer School is a right summer school for you. The good news is that you still have a little bit more time to decide to join us this year because application to participate in Dubrovnik Summer School 2015 is extended and now open until 12 July 2015! This gives you extra time to familiarize yourself with this year`s program and to find out details on our website and Facebook page.


    This year we will step into the world of Big Data, the Internet of Things and more, together we will practice skills of leadership with a help of characters from a popular TV series “Game of Thrones”. Also, we will find out how to solve business problems using design processes and gain insight into the trends and expectations of the current and future employers. Furthermore, our lecturer will guide our participants to learn more about themselves and teach us how to choose our career and build short-term and long-term life strategies.


    Dubrovnik Summer School is not just for students learning business, the education you will gain is applicable to all areas of interest and to your personal life!

    We are really looking forward to August to meet you all and to learn and experience Dubrovnik together. Therefore don`t wait any longer,  apply while you still can and give yourself something new and exciting this summer! :)




  • Summer in Dubrovnik is calling you!



    Experience a real summer adventure from 23-29 August that will make you grow on a personal and professional level while you enjoy the best of what Dubrovnik, a stunning gem of the Mediterranean, has to offer.


    Ideal for students in their last years and recent graduates, this summer seminar guides them to their future success by helping them understand their individual values, passions and potentials, choose their careers, determine and achieve their goals and develop useful skills and knowledge. All lectures and workshops have multidisciplinary topics relevant and applicable to all areas of interest so it doesn’t matter what you study.


    Lectures and workshops are held in the late morning and early afternoon, with plenty of free time to explore stunning beaches, islands, attractions and nightlife of the magical Dubrovnik. ;)


    This year is a true milestone as Dubrovnik Summer School celebrates the 10th Anniversary so there are many special events planned that will make it a truly unforgettable experience for all of  a this-year-participants! Don’t wait any longer and apply while you still can!


    Make sure to visit the website and Facebook page for updated news and information, and to familiarize yourself a bit more with Dubrovnik Summer School.

    Dubrovnik Summer School

  • Spend your summer in Dubrovnik



    Hello everyone!


    This summer you want to improve yourself and do something to extend your knowledge?
    You are interested into meeting new people and spending your time in a breathtaking place with rich and inspiring heritage?
    Then Dubrovnik Summer School is the right solution for you!


    With us you will have an opportunity to find out what intellectual capital really is and how to use it, you will learn not to be afraid of asking questions and how to be a great leader. Furthermore, you will gain insight on future jobs, but also we will prepare you for this dynamic surroundings by teaching you problem-solving technique used by Apple, Google and many more! Together we will learn how to understand our passions and interests and hack 3 key qualities for success.

    You can do all this and more with motivating lectures and interactive workshops prepared by lecturers who are willing to share their knowledge.

    We also prepared free activities for you to relax, have fun and enjoy this summer in beautiful and sunny Dubrovnik.

    So feel free to apply on our web page under application and fee or on this link.  Applications for Dubrovnik Summer School 2015 are open until 7 July 2015.

    And don`t forget to follow us on Facebook for more updates.

    See you in Dubrovnik! :)




  • Dubrovnik Sumer School – Uvodno predavanje (01.06.)


    cover fejs event

Application form 2017


⌊ Program Overview ⌋



The all-encompassing topic of Dubrovnik Summer School 2017 is Ideation, to be more exact, the evolution of Ideas. Specifically, Dubrovnik Summer School 2017 is an opportunity to evolve ideas from start to finish, thus learning new innovation knowledge and skills. In six days participants will be able to learn about pitching, product placement, risk management, innovation business models and various other subjects.

Who should apply?

  • Highly enthusiastic and motivated students who want to make a change in the world
  • Students interested in innovation and personal growth
  • Anyone who has an idea but doesn’t have the skills to develop it
  • Anyone who has certain skills but doesn’t have an idea to develop
  • All those who wish to acquire various skills in the above-mentioned fields

What will you get from Dubrovnik Summer School?

By the end of the project, you will be equipped with theoretical (lecture) and practical knowledge (workshops and case studies) in the area of economics and business.

We will introduce participants to different aspects of business and entrepreneurship. We strive to encourage you to develop your own ideas as well as achieve your life goals.

Success stories will inspire participants to apply what they have learned at Dubrovnik Summer School in their own entrepreneurial projects as well as in day to day dealing with problems.

Our philosophy…

Traditional teaching is important.
However, learning does not end after lectures and workshops!

We believe that crucial part of participants learning process will occur in interaction with others. We will organize many outdoor activities. The process of the application itself is competitive. Therefore, we will ensure that you meet other ambitious and outstanding colleagues such as yourself! We are determined to provide you with best possible program considering the time you will spend in Croatia.

With all that mentioned, we guarantee you that Dubrovnik Summer School will be an international experience that you will never forget!


⌊ Application Process ⌋


In order to apply you have to fill up Dubrovnik Summer School application form.

In the application form you need to do the following:

» fill out basic information

» upload your picture

» answer our motivation questions

» upload your CV

» optional – upload a short video, share pictures, your Tumblr page, quotes…

The application process starts at January 16th and ends at May 28th, or until available places are filled .


Dubrovnik Summer School is the right seminar for you if:

»You are young, energetic and proactive student who want to get “the wind at their backs” and push boundaries we face in the business world;

» You want to get inspired and gain valuable knowledge that will help you recognize your true potentials and values and guide you through your future career;

» You want to spend an unforgettable summer week in historical and picturesque Dubrovnik;

» You want to meet other young and bright individuals from all over the world and grow your network. Students from any field of interest are welcome to apply.


⌊ Tuition Fee ⌋


The fee includes:

» 6 nights in bed (twin) with breakfast and dinner included, Dubrovnik

» Participation fee for Dubrovnik Summer School 2017

» Lectures

» Study materials

» Public transport in Dubrovnik for the whole week

» Entrance to the Walls of Dubrovnik

» Boat trip to Lokrum island

» Cable car ride to the mountain Srđ

» Free Wi-fi in the Hotel and at the University

» Personalized certificate with individual points and description

» Closing ceremony

Paying the tuition fee on time is a requirement in order to participate in Dubrovnik Summer School. There is a possibility of paying the tuition fee by 2 installments.


⟨ Tuition fee: 400.00 € ⟩


⌊ Location ⌋


Dubrovnik Summer School is traditionally organized in the city of Dubrovnik (lat. Ragusa) which gives us an incredibly inspiring environment. The majority of people know Dubrovnik as a famous tourist destination, and lately recognized as the filming location of the popular series The Game of Thrones. However, what many people may not know is that it is also the first knowledge city in the world.

Back in 12 and 13th century this UNESCO-protected city was once a small republic that didn’t have its own army, but still brought to perfection its defense system using skillful diplomatic duties and extensive consular activities. Persistence on neutrality in international conflicts and patronage of powerful countries, especially Spain and the Vatican, assured its independence, during great wars while many other bigger countries were conquered.

Also, its history of social and environmental awareness and innovation gives us the perfect foundation for the birth of new ideas. For example, the city had its first pharmacy in 1317 (still active), and it had first orphanage and 20 km long water supply system in the first half of 15th century.

This impressive heritage and history of Dubrovnik inspired many researchers, scientists, artists and individuals and will be explored by summer school participants through various cultural events in the city during the fun time of summer season.


⌊ Hotel Accommodation ⌋


All participants will be accommodated in Hotel Adriatic in Dubrovnik, which is located in the picturesque Bay of Lapad, only 50 meters from the pebbly beach and near the city center (Old Town). A bus stop leading to the Old Town is right in front, and the ride takes only 10-15 minutes.

The beach features a snack bar, sunbeds, and parasols, as well as water sports facilities. Also, the hotel is a short walk away from Lapad Promenade, which features a complex of shops, restaurants, and cafés, as well as a large shopping center.

All hotel guests have a special discount in the wellness center of Hotel Uvala, 20 meters away.

Free parking is provided.

Rooms for participants are twin or double and have:

» air conditioning


» free WiFi

» bathroom.

Also, our organizational team will be there to support you with any issues or necessities.

⌊ Lecture Hall ⌋


Classes and workshops will be held in a modern lecture hall at the University of Dubrovnik, located a short bus drive from the hotel. There are a free WiFi and air conditioning provided in the lecture hall.



Pitch your IDEA!


Gabrijela Kisicek, Ph.D. works at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb where she teaches several courses connected with the public speaking and rhetoric such as Argumentation, History of Rhetoric, Communication Skills for teachers and Nonverbal communication.

With her rich experience with Public Speaking, she performs training sessions for a different profile of professionals: business people, politicians, managers, priests, sales representatives etc. She also works as a speaking coach at Nova TV in Zagreb where she prepares TV presenters and journalists for the camera appearances.

She is an author of many papers in the field of rhetoric, argumentation and public speaking and the co-author of the book Rhetoric and Society.


Successfully presenting your idea

» workshop → 1 day

LOCATION: University of Dubrovnik

The workshop is intended for young future professionals who will face the difficulties of successfully presenting their innovations and ideas. During the workshop, they will learn how to be better, clearer and more efficient in presentations. That includes learning about the well-organized structure of the presentation, good reasons and arguments for the ideas and effective body language. After the initial theoretical base and advice, participants will prepare their short presentations and deliver them to the audience and in front of the camera. The workshop will include analysis and evaluation of each presentation with comments and suggestions for further training. It is important to emphasize that no matter how good your idea might be, if you don’t present it properly, persuasively and if you are not perceived as competent, determined and with self-esteem, you will not be successful. Presentation skills can be learned and trained and which is, in the end, the main goal of this workshop.


Sell your IDEA!


Igor enrolled gymnasium because he didn’t know what he wanted to do in life. After that he enrolled Faculty of Mechanical Engineering because he still didn’t know what he wanted to do in life. When he graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering he exactly knew what he didn’t want to do in his life.

Finally, he got a job in advertising agency as a junior copywriter and immediately knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Today he works as a Chief Creative Director in Imago Ogilvy. In his 14 years in advertising he was jury member and awarded at many national and international advertising festivals. Igor is the first and only Croatian Creative Director who has won Cannes Lion award.


Advertising tips on how to get laid easier

or how good advertising is connected with good relationships

» workshop → 3-4 hours

LOCATION: University of Dubrovnik

The workshop is designed to help participants get answers on all questions regarding advertising. In capable hands, they will learn about difficulties of good advertising and how to implement it into their ideas. The workshop will include a interactive case study designed by Igor, where students will need to think and revaluate their knowledge about marketing. 

Advertising will be and is a great part of presenting your idea, yourself and anything you want to show the world. but not just show, but also, make the world believe in the story of your idea. We believe that in Igors hands, you will definitely leave with knowledge needed to sell your story.


Network your IDEA!


Your Mentor for a Week

Tea is an entrepreneur in the making and an engineer with a business mind and passion for people. She graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and Computing in Zagreb and now works as a project manager at Simulus Group.

Besides managing financial and banking app development projects, she conducts in-house training for companies in ICT, banking and telecommunication sectors. In her free time, she volunteers as a soft-skills trainer for non-profit organizations and writes a blog TeaTime where she shares ideas, tools and resources needed in building a successful career, right from the start.

In her distant future (as an old lady) Tea plans to live with a pack of dogs and spend her days writing. She loves travelling, meeting new and interesting people, and a hot cup of tea in the evening. Tea is literally always smiling and she cannot wait to follow you on your journey of growing your idea and to share some tips and tricks with you along the way.

Follow Tea on Facebook by clicking here!


Design your IDEA!


Superpower: Design Thinking

Petra is an experienced manager with an envious portfolio of work experience. She graduated from The Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb and obtained her master’s degree from Cortugli Business School. Currently, she is a regional product manager for Samsung in Croatia.

Even though, she is an expert in her field of work – she continues to improve her knowledge and skills through various workshops and courses. Such attitude allows her to gain an edge and thrive in her work environment.

Beside being skilled at her job, she is also passionate about it and loves to be involved in all stages of a project. She is capable of handling troubles on her own but always welcomes teamwork for it brings new experience and “adds flavour” to the project. A person of such spirit and motivation is a rare sight but she will be lecturing this year in Dubrovnik and hearing her advice can only be beneficial.

Lecturers will be published through time here and on our Facebook page. Be sure to follow us!

Frequently Asked Questions

 ⌊ Application ⌋


Who can apply for the Dubrovnik Summer School?

Dubrovnik Summer School is ideal for all the young and energic people who want to get “the wind at their backs” and push boundaries we face in the business world. Students from any field of interest are welcome to apply.

How do I apply?

First you have to fill out and submit the application form with your personal information and answer 4 motivation questions. After being accepted as a participant we will send you a confirmation e-mail with the invoice for the first down payment.

What is the deadline for applications?

The application deadline is May 28, 2017. Those who require a visa should keep that in mind and have them issued in due time.

Do I have to apply for a visa to attend the program?

Croatia is a member of EU from 2013, and visa requirements differ depending on your country of origin. We suggest you contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country in order to know which procedures you should follow. If you do need a visa we will send you Guarantee Letter after you pay half of the fee.


⌊ Programme and lectures ⌋


Are there any prerequisites for the programme?

There are no specific prerequisites.

Are the lectures in Croatian or English?

All the lectures are taught in English.

Do I need to present any English certificate?

No. There is no need to deliver English language certificate (such as TOEFL or IELTS), but since the classes are all taught in English, it is recommended that students who apply for the summer programme have a satisfactory level of English (B2).

How many people will be in class?

Dubrovnik Summer School is organized for approximately 30 participants in order to have the high level of individual approach and interactive classes.

What will my timetable look like?

Typically, you will have lectures from 9:30 am to 5 pm with a lunch and coffee breaks in between. Each day there will also be many cultural and leisure activities organized so you can enjoy your summer in Dubrovnik to the fullest.

When will I get my timetable?

You will be given your timetable, at least, two weeks before the summer school starts and a printed version on the first day of the programme.

What documentation will I receive upon successful completion of a Summer School course?

Participants of Dubrovnik Summer School will get an official certificate that they have successfully completed the program. Although, to receive a certificate you have to attend 80% of the classes.

When will I receive my certificate?

Certificates are given on the last day of the summer school at the closing ceremony.


⌊ Fees ⌋


What does the program fee include?

» All in class teaching

» All course materials

» Hotel accommodation and breakfast

» Public transport in Dubrovnik for the whole week

» Free Wi-fi in the Hotel and at the University

» Diverse extra-curricular programme with excursions, sightseeing tours, and other cultural and leisure activities

Does the Summer School offer any grants or subsidies?

No, the Summer School is financed exclusively by participant’s fee and partners and has no resources of its own.

What costs do participants have to cover by themselves?

Participants have to cover all food expenses except breakfast, private trips before and after the Dubrovnik Summer School program, airplane ticket, health insurance and personal costs.

How can I make the payment?

The payment is made by bank transfer. All the information about payment you will get in the e-mail we will send you as confirmation of your application. You should cover all the extra expenses (such as bank transfer fee) by yourself.


⌊ Coming to Croatia ⌋


Do I need to have medical insurance?

If you are coming from EU member states, it is enough for you to have European health insurance card. If you are coming from any other country, you have to arrange medical insurance by yourself.

How do I get to Dubrovnik?

You can get to Dubrovnik by plane, by bus, by car or by ferry, depending on your location.

You can also fly to some other city in Croatia, such as Zagreb, Split or Zadar and then take a bus or rent the car to Dubrovnik. You can check bus lines and prices HERE. If you need help organizing your trip to Dubrovnik let us know.

Can you arrange a pickup?

We can organize a pickup, but you have to let us know the exact time and place of your arrival in Dubrovnik.

I would like to extend my stay in Dubrovnik (by arriving before the programme or postponing the departure). Is it possible?

If you want to come earlier and/or stay longer in the hotel accommodation organised for Dubrovnik Summer School you should let us know as soon as possible so we can try to arrange your extended stay. However, this extension is not included in the programme fee.







In the past 11 years, a large number of people went through the “Dubrovnik Summer School experience”. For each and every of them, this experience was something that helped them grow on  a personal and professional level.

 ⌊ What would you say to everyone who is considering applying to DSS 2017?

Why should they apply? ⌋


”Dubrovnik Summer School was my first summer school and it was a great experience. Through a week of interesting and interactive lectures and workshops I learned a lot, met wonderful people from various parts of Croatia and the world, I feel in love in the City of Dubrovnik, and had some great fun. Great organization, marvelous lecturers and the summer school experience are all the reason why you should go to Dubrovnik Summer School 2017! :) ”

» Ivona Panifer, participant


”Apply because it’s one perfect experience, wonderful place, people, atmosphere… It is inspiring, motivating and engaging program :) ”

» Lana Podgorsek, participant


”Dubrovnik Summer School is a great experience. You should apply because you will gain new knowledge from the experienced lecturers and you will meet interesting new people. Working with people with different ideas, experiences, and perspectives on the world will make you learn more about yourself.”

» Mateja Basic, participant


”It is an amazing lifetime experience. Having lessons in impressive environment of the Old City of Dubrovnik and meeting people from all over the world is something you will never forget.”

» Marijana Vukelic, participant


”No matter how many projects you have attended, no matter how much friends and colleagues you have all around the world, no matter how much places have you visited, DSS will be something more different than you’ve ever experienced. ”

» Romana Cosic, participant


“Dubrovnik Summer School opened the doors for many opportunities and gave me a chance to cooperate with excellent lecturers from different countries and to start new international projects.”

» Filip Ivanisevic, participant 


”Do not even hesitate, the things you are going to experience, feel, see, and people you will meet are going to leave the trace with you for a long time!”

» Helena Pelin, participant


”Definitely apply! Nice experience, good people, good organization, beautiful city… no reason to not apply.”

» Davor Zilic, participant


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For application or any other information, feel free to contact us at any time via ic@estudent.hr

You can also contact our team:

» Martina Radanović, team leader  → martina.radanovic@estudent.hr

» Jelena Nišević, deputy team leader → jelena.nisevic@estudent.hr


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