eBUDDY, an eSTUDENT project, started in cooperation with the International Office of the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb in 2013. This project gathers students from all around the world who have chosen Zagreb as their host city during their student exchange program and their Croatian mentors. The purpose of the project is facilitating their life in Zagreb and making it more enjoyable through welcome packages, free short trips, flight discounts and discounts on certain Croatian products by which we are trying to encourage the promotion of Croatia and its products in the world.

In the last three years we have accomplished to help more than 400 students from more than 22 countries and have cooperated with international offices from 5 different continents: Africa, Asia, Europe and North and South America.

Our goal is to cooperate with other international offices that are part of the University of Zagreb and to find more sponsors which will help us in the realization of the project.

Join us in our mission! :)


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    Feel free to contact us at any time via ic@estudent.hr

    You can also contact our team:

    » Adriana Gaćina, team leader  → adriana.gacina@estudent.hr

    » Ivona Panifer, deputy team leader → ivona.panifer@estudent.hr